Tsuyoto Hiiragi



Kanji 柊 剛人
Romaji Hiiragi Tsuyoto
Other names Kōji Sakuragi (real name)
The Sacred Tree, God
Biographical Information
Birthday December 24
Zodiac Capricorn
Age 32 (past)
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Daisuke Namikawa
Please let the holy tree of Hollywood Tokyo grow with the bright light of the sun. I can keep living if I have dreams and sparkles. I'm Tsuyoto Hiiragi, 17 years old.

–Hiiragi's presentation.

Tsuyoto Hiiragi (柊 剛人 Hiiragi Tsuyoto) was a member of the old Shōnen Hollywood and the current president of Hollywood Tokyo.[1] His Hollywood Color was white.

Personality Edit

Hiiragi's life revolves around Shōnen Hollywood and he lives for the group; likewise Shōnen Hollywood exist for him.[2] In Episode 4, he tells Daichi that God will forever be 17 years old and an idol for eternity.[3]

History Edit

His real name is Kōji Sakuragi and he wanted to become an idol more than anything. When he was 32 years-old, he saw an ad that was scouting for young male singers to be a part of a new idol group named Shōnen Hollywood. Having once dreamed of being an idol, he changed his name to Tsuyoshi Hiiragi and lied about being seventeen in order to get in and study at the Hollywood Tokyo.[4]

Less than a year after the sudden death of their President, Shounen Hollywood disbanded while they were at their peak of popularity. Each member followed his own path and Hiiragi promised to himself that he would come back someday. Years later, he returned to Hollywood Tokyo and alongside Tesshi he started to reclute idols.[5]


Former PresidentEdit

Hiiragi used to have a good relationship with the president, who he called him "The Sacred Tree, God". The president recruited him thinking he was 17, while in reality Hiiragi had 32 years-old.


  • The Former President called him "The Sacred Tree, God".
  • He used to hate tomatoes, but now he eats them with ramen.
  • In the Shonen Hollywood Musical stage play Hiiragi Tsuyoto/God's role was played by Kimeru.

Gallery Edit


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