Shun Maiyama
Kanji 舞山 春
Romaji Maiyama Shun
Other names Haruki Maiyama (real name)
Biographical Information
Birthday October 2
Zodiac Libra
Age 15 (season 1-2)
16 (season 2)
Relatives Kiyomi Maiyama (mother)
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Kenshō Ono
Your smile pierces my heart! Grumps make me blue. I swear by my double teeth, I will become your last boyfriend! I am 15 and a first year in high school! I'm Shun-Shun, or Shun Maiyama!

–Shun's presentation.

Shun Maiyama (舞山 春 Maiyama Shun) is one of the members of Shōnen Hollywood. He can be really stubborn and likes to make fun of the other members. His Hollywood Color is pink.


Shun has red hair, red eyes and wears glasses. During practice, he takes off his glasses and ties his fringe up so it doesn't get in the way. He normally wears a red shirt during practice and track pants. Shun is the supposed "heartthrob" of the group.


Shun likes to make fun of other people, but he has a short temper when people start making fun about him. Although he might look a bit lazy, he takes being an idol seriously and has a big pride. Shun loves to sing and compose songs. He becomes stoic and knowledgeable when it comes to music.




While Shonen Hollywood was taking on odd jobs to become a bit more popular and well known, Shun felt embarrassed and ashamed about what they were doing just to get more popular.[1] He founds out about a music audition who apparently helps you in making you a famous artist and decided to apply; at the auditions he made it to the finals and was accepted.

Later on, Shun is getting more and more tired of the odd jobs. At the set of one the show he meets Kou Ōsaki, one of the members of the old Shonen Hollywood. Because of him, he learned that beside his dream to sing he also wants to become popular, cool, a heartthrob.[2] After finding out about what he really wants, he decides to stay with Shonen Hollywood and also refused to join the music agency.


Kou OosakiEdit

Kou was the one who told Shun to be more honest to himself. The both of them are similar: their Hollywood colours are pink and they act narcissistic from time to time.

Kakeru KazamiEdit

They seem to be good friends as they go shopping and perform errands together.

Ran KazeharaEdit

Shun thought Ran was lame because he chosed to be a baker over fulfilling his dream of being a dancer. However, Shun understood that sometimes things don't go the way he wants and tends to exceed his expectations, and he was able to accept it.[3]


  • His dream is to become so famous that he'll have professional cameras glued to him.
  • His real name is Haruki Maiyama as Shun is only a stage name.
  • He has an older brother who only appears on his story in Holly Stage for 51.
  • His charm point, according to himself, are his double teeth.
  • His special skill is playing the guitar.
  • His hobby is writing lyrics and composing music. Lately, he likes to visit clothing stores.
  • His favorite foods are omelet, fish that's not canned and soy sauce crackers.
  • He won't disclose what he is afraid of.
  • His favorite songs are Holly Trip and Lonely Passion.
  • He studies in a male-only school.
  • He has a friend named Akira.
  • His glasses are only to show off, for appearance's sake, otherwise he has perfect vision.

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