Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 49
Japanese 少年ハリウッド
Genres Slice of Life,Music,Shoujo
Duration 23 min. per episode
Rating PG-13
Aired Jul 6, 2014 to Sep 27, 2014
Episodes 13

Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 49 (少年ハリウッド -HOLLY STAGE FOR 49-) is the first season of the anime series.


The anime's setting takes place fifteen years after novel, when Shounen Hollywood has long disbanded and a new group of idols is trained to replace them.

It takes place at a fictional theatre called Hollywood Tokyo in Harajuku, where the members of Shounen Hollywood will develop their talents through diligence and hard work.

Episode ListEdit

No. Title Original air date
1 "We're Self-Conscious"

"Bokutachi no jiishiki" (僕たちの自意識)

Jul 6, 2014
2 "When a Lie Shines"

"Uso ga kagayaku toki" (嘘が輝く時)

Jul 13, 2014
3 "Their Futures"

"Karera no mirai" (彼らの未来)

Jul 20, 2014
4 "People Die. They Die Sooner or Later, But..."

"Hito wa shinu. Itsuka shinu. Demo" (人は死ぬ。いつか死ぬ。でも)

Jul 27, 2014
5 "Air Boys"

"Eabōizu" (エアボーイズ)

Aug 3, 2014
6 "A Place to Belong on Rainy Days"

"Ame no hi no ibasho" (雨の日の居場所)

Aug 10, 2014
7 "You Cannot Devote Your Life to Your Life"

"Jinsei ni jinsei wa kake rarenai" (人生に人生はかけられない)

Aug 17, 2014
8 "Eternal Fireworks"

"Eien no hanabi" (永遠の花火)

Aug 24, 2014
9 "Shining Pathetically"

"Mittomonai kagayaki" (みっともない輝き)

Sep 1, 2014
10 "Sensational Music Room"

"Tokimeki myūjikkurūmu" (ときめきミュージックルーム)

Sep 8, 2014
11 "We're Unwanted"

"Nozoma renai bokutachi" (望まれない僕たち)

Sep 15, 2014
12 "Hello, World"

"Harō sekai" (ハロー世界)

Sep 20, 2014
13 "For All Eternity, We can be Reborn"

"Bokutachi wa, eien ni umare naoseru" (僕たちは、永遠に生まれなおせる)

Sep 27, 2014
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