Shōnen Hollywood
Kanji 少年ハリウッド
Romaji Shōnen Hariuddo
Type Band
Genre J-pop
Status Inactive
Members Tsuyoto Hiiragi
Shima Hayamizu
Daichi Hirosawa
Ran Kazehara
Minoru Tomii
Kou Ōsaki
Ryūnosuke Date
Shōnen Hollywood (少年ハリウッド Shōnen Hariuddo) was the original and first Shōnen Hollywood.


Shōnen Hollywood was created by the Former President. At some point, all the members joined and debuted together. However, less than a year after the sudden death of the president, the group disbanded while they were at their peak of popularity.[1] The president's death caused a big impact on them and triggered their sudden decision to disband while they were at their peak of shine, popularity and brilliance, because Shounen Hollywood was the the president's dream and they wanted it to be eternal.[1]


  • Ran Kazehara - His Hollywood Color was red. Leader. In the present, he got married, had a child and started a cake shop.
  • Tsuyoto Hiiragi - His Hollywood Color was white. Current president of the Hollywood Tokyo.
  • Daichi Hirosawa - His Hollywood Color was green. In the present, he became a stage carpenter.
  • Shima Hayamizu - His Hollywood Color was blue. In the present, he still works in the showbiz as a musical producer.
  • Minoru Tomii - His Hollywood Color was yellow. He is still working in the showbiz as an actor.
  • Kou Ōsaki - His Hollywood Color was pink. He still works in the showbiz, mainly in the music industry.
  • Ryūnosuke Date - His Hollywood Color was purple. In the present, he works at Castle Resort Land as the bear mascot.


  • Their fans were called "Oranges".

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