Saori Kazehara
Ran Wife
Kanji 風原 沙織
Romaji Kazehara Saori
Biographical Information
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Relatives Ran Kazehara (husband)
Unnamed Child
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Anime Episode 18
Voice Actors
Japanese Haruhi Nanao
Saori Kazehara (風原 沙織 Kazehara Saori) is the wife of Ran Kazehara, with whom she works in the family bakery.[1]

Appearance Edit

Saori is a young woman with black hair and grey eyes. Shun said that she was very beautiful.[1]

Personality Edit

Saori seems to be a kind and nice woman, as she invited Kakeru and Shun to come in after she recognizes them as his husband's juniors.

History Edit

At some point, she married Ran Kazehara and the two had a child together. She currently works with her husband in the bakery.


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