Ryūnosuke Date



Kanji 伊達 竜之介
Romaji Date Ryūnosuke
Other names Ryū
Biographical Information
Birthday October 28
Zodiac Scorpius
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Daisuke Kishio
Ryūnosuke Date (伊達 竜之介 Date Ryūnosuke) was a member of the old Shōnen Hollywood. When he was still a member of Shounen Hollywood, he was really cheerful and laughed about the smallest things. His Hollywood Color was purple.

Appearance Edit

Ryū has short purple hair (which was much longer in the past) and eyes of the same color. In the flashbacks, he is normally seen wearing a blue tank top over a black one, and a pair of black leggings.

Personality Edit

When he was in Shounen Hollywood, Ryū was very cheerful and laughed about the smallest things. According to Tesshi, Ryū used to had problems to talk and maybe that was the reason why he always laughed instead of talk. However, he sang perfectly fine during the group's concerts. In the present, Tesshi found surprising the fact that now he talks normally. He also had (and still has) a tendency to call people "ugly".

The kids at Castle Resort Land loves him because he is very scathing.[1]

History Edit

At some point, Ryū joined Shōnen Hollywood and debuted alongside his teammates. Less than a year after the sudden death of their president, Shounen Hollywood disbanded while they were at their peak of popularity.[2] Each member followed his own path and it is unknown what Ryū decided to do after he left the group.

Plot Edit

In episode 24, it's revealed that he works at Castle Resort Land (where he and the other six members were spokesmen of during their days as Shounen Hollywood) as the bear mascot.[1] He scolds the members of Shounen Hollywood because they were unhappy and not smiling during the shoot for the commercial, arguing that an idol should always smile. The boys didn't known who was he (because he never takes off his suit), but Tesshi recognizes him and he is glad that Ryu was doing well.


  • He has a tendency to call people "ugly".
  • In the Shonen Hollywood Musical stage play Ryu's role was played by Yuki Tamaki.

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