Ran Kazehara



Kanji 風原 乱
Romaji Kazehara Ran
Other names Ran
Biographical Information
Birthday August 3
Zodiac Leo
Age 18 (past)
Relatives Saori Kazehara (wife)
Unnamed child
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Shintarō Asanuma
A wind that stirs up your heart! I'm Ran Kazehara, the leader, 18 years old. My favorite food is strawberry crepes. Gotta be strawberry crepes. I'm not kidding when I say strawberry crepes!

–Ran's presentation.

Ran Kazehara (風原 乱 Kazehara Ran) was a member and leader of the old Shōnen Hollywood. In the present, he got married to Saori Kazehara, had a child and started a cake shop. His Hollywood Color was red.

History Edit

At some point, Ran joined Shōnen Hollywood and debuted alongside his teammates. Less than a year after the sudden death of their president, Shounen Hollywood disbanded while they were at their peak of popularity.[1] Each member followed his own path and Ran decided to become a dancer. However, he ended up starting a cake shop instead because he was told he was good at it. He then got married with Saori Kazehara and he has an unknown child.

Plot Edit

Ran makes the birthday cake for God in the first season. Later, he is seen when Shun Maiyama and Kakeru Kazami goes to his bakery to order a cake for Shun's birthday. Shun thinks he is pathetic because he give up his dream of becoming a dancer,[2] but Ran says that he still wants to become one and started a cake shop because he was told he was good at it. Ran's reasoning is based on the fact that the desire to fulfill a old dream will become stronger if the person has a new one.


Shun MaiyamaEdit

Shun thought Ran was lame because he chosed to be a baker over fulfilling his dream of being a dancer. However, Shun later understood that sometimes things don't go the way he wants and tends to exceed his expectations, and he was able to accept it.


  • When he was still a member of Shōnen Hollywood, Ran wanted the group to become way more famous and wanted to become a dancer someday.
  • In the Shounen Hollywood's Musical stage play, Ran's role was played by Mao Kato.
  • Ran is the only member of the original Shounen Hollywood who is married and has kids.

Gallery Edit


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