Minoru Tomii


Young Minoru

Kanji 富井 実
Romaji Tomii Minoru
Other names Tomii
Tomii, the Good Luck Charm
Biographical Information
Birthday January 1
Zodiac Capricorn
Age 17 (past)
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Daisuke Sakaguchi
Fortune bears fruit, that's how to spell Minoru Tomii! 17-year-old Tommy's in charge of improving your luck!

–Tomii's presentation.

Minoru Tomii (富井 実 Tomii Minoru) was a member of the old Shōnen Hollywood, where he was called "Tomii, the Good Luck Charm". He is now still working in the showbiz as an actor. His Hollywood Color was yellow.

History Edit

When he was a child, he lived at Yamabiko Friends, an orphanage, although it's unknown how he ended up at the orphanage in first place. At some point, Minoru joined Shōnen Hollywood and debuted alongside his teammates. Less than a year after the sudden death of their president, Shounen Hollywood disbanded while they were at their peak of popularity.[1] Each member followed his own path and Minoru decided to continue in the showbiz as an actor.

After a couple of years, he visited the orphanage again and saw a young Daiki playing on his own. He encouraged him and promised that in the future Daiki will also make a lot of friends.

Plot Edit

In the present, he gets a letter from Daiki where he tells him about that he has joined Shonen Hollywood. After Minoru recieved the letter, he visits Hollywood Tokyo to meet Tomii (when he was still known as Mii). There they talk about the old Shounen Hollywood members and Tomii learnt that his predecessors dreams never came true. Minoru encourages Tomii and hands over the baton as "Tomii, the Good Luck Charm" to his junior, meaning he will become the new Tomii of Shounen Hollywood.[2]

Later, Minoru helps Daiki to get a character in the Migratory Bird Cop drama,[3] although this made Daiki feel guilty.


  • When he was in Shōnen Hollywood, his dream was to be with everyone forever, but his dream didn't come true.
  • He is the star of a police television drama called Migratory Bird Cop.
  • In the Shonen Hollywood's Musical stage play Tommy's role was played by Tomoru Akazawa.

Gallery Edit


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