Kakeru Kazami
Kanji 風見 颯
Romaji Kazami Kakeru
Biographical Information
Birthday April 17
Zodiac Aries
Age 17 (season 1)
18 (season 2)
Relatives Shinichi Kazami (father)
Reiko Kazami (mother)
Sanaka Kazami (sister)
Grade Second year
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Ryōta Ōsaka
Your universe is my universe. My universe is your universe. In other words, I'm crazy about you! Giving you an unearthly dream, I'm Kakeru Kazami! I'm 17 and a second year in high school!

–Kakeru's presentation.

Kakeru Kazami (風見 颯 Kazami Kakeru) is one of the members of Shōnen Hollywood. He lived a "normal life" up until the directer of Hollywood Tokyo came and scouted him. His Hollywood Color is red.


Kakeru has short blue hair that is parted to the right, similar to Kira, except that he always had two strands of hair sticking up on top. He normally wears a grayish-blue shirt with red lines on his shoulders beneath a white, similarly patterned track suit. His fans call him beautiful and sexy.


Kakeru is someone who thinks his place in life was always right there waiting for him. He mentions in the first episode that before he knew it he was born into this world, and before he knew it he had many friends in elementary school, but when he got scouted while he was working at his part-time job at a juice bar, that changed. He's a hard-working boy who is a little awkward at times. Kakeru also appears to not care much about girls, saying that "They don't really look at him", which is in fact false, unbeknownst to him.

Being the protagonist, Kakeru's thoughts narrates the series (with the exception of episode 2 in the second season where Cat narrates instead). He is always thinking, thus spacing out often. He is not very assertive and goes with flow. He seems to have low self-confidence.


Although he was scouted by the President himself, Kakeru later on realizes that he can't sing. Makki tells him he is just embarrassed when he is singing and that's why his singing sounds weird. The boys goes outside and they come up with the idea that they will only sing if they want to tell something. They even tell their embarrassing lines on the street in front of a lot of people and Kakeru overcomes his embarrassment and finally manages to sing well.[1]

Kakeru was the first to learn that he and the other boys were not wanted; that nobody wanted a revival of Shounen Hollywood because they weren't the original, which causes him to lose hope in the Christmas Eve Concert, going as far as to even skip practice to hang out with his friends. But he later goes back when he saw Makki trying to advertise the group with badly drawn flyers.


Ikuma AmakiEdit

Kakeru is seen with Makki frequently. They usually hang out after practice, having dinner and going home together. While Kakeru thinks philosophically, Makki would speak philosophically, so they often share thoughts. They're apparently quite close, as Kakeru once even visited Makki's house.[2]

Shun MaiyamaEdit

Kakeru and Shun have both met each others seniors together (episode 9 in season 1 and episode 5 in season 2). They also went shopping for Christmas decorations together in the last episode of the first season.

Tsuyoto HiiragiEdit

Out of all the members of the group, Kakeru is the one who has interacted with the President the most. The President has given him advice and they have shared thoughts together.


  • Kakeru's dream was to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment.
  • His low self-confidence might have been caused by the fact his younger sister, Sanaka, is always insulting him.
  • His charm point, according to himself, are his eyes.
  • His special skill is track-and-field.
  • His hobby is watching movies, especially old ones.
  • His favorite food is melted cheese.
  • He's usually afraid before going up to the stage.
  • His favorite song is Hello Sekai, like Kira's.
  • When in middle school, he was in the "going-home club", meaning he actually wasn't part of any clubs at all.

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