Ikuma Amaki
Kanji 甘木 生馬
Romaji Amaki Ikuma
Other names Makki
Biographical Information
Birthday April 8
Zodiac Aries
Age 18 (season 1)
19 (season 2)
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Tetsuya Kakihara
My motto is "Possess the soul to win by a landslide". I hate anything that's half-assed! I'm Ikuma Amaki! Age 18. It's a frigging pleasure!

–Makki's presentation.

Ikuma Amaki (甘木 生馬 Amaki Ikuma) is one of the members and leader of Shōnen Hollywood. He is an ex-delinquent and the center of the group. His Hollywood Color is green.


Makki has short black hair parted to the right side of his face (the colour is green in the manga) and dark green eyes. Prior to becoming an idol, Makki's hair was much shorter and spikier, like Daichi's. He usually wears a green jumpsuit, that everybody calls lame, and a white shirt beneath. His fans say he's cool.


Because he didn't finish high school, Makki has problems in reading kanji and he can be really foolish sometimes, like not knowing how to pronounce a word. Although acting like this, Makki often says or asks thing with a lot of meaning behind it. He is a bit self-conscious and constantly thinks about death and how life runs its course when one dies. He even said several times that he can not sleep thinking about death and feels that he has never had a place to which he belongs.

The image fans have of him is a big brother to Kira, although it is Kira who acts more mature than him.


Background Edit

Makki was a delinquent in high school, but decided to leave his yankee friends after he got in a fight with them. He realized instead of wasting energy on reveling in something stupid, he should invest it in something worthwhile.[1] Although later on they make up again.[2]


Makki first left school, his house and later on he decided to leave Shōnen Hollywood, just because he couldn't find his special place anywhere.[1] However, Kira reminded him that his special place is himself so he later on decides not to quit, since his special place is Shounen Hollywood. He is often teased and made fun of by Kira and Shun which causes him to leave the stage in anger during practice before the Christmas Eve concert. Even though he's mad, he then spends his day off giving out hand-made flyers to advertise Shounen Hollywood.


Kakeru KazamiEdit

Makki normally hangs out with Kakeru. They usually go home and have dinner together. Makki often shares his thoughts and feelings with Kakeru.

Kira SaekiEdit

Fans like to believe Makki is Kira's big brother. While Kira constantly insults and makes fun of him, Makki in turn would chase him around and tease him.


  • His dream is to make Shonen Hollywood the biggest group in the world.
  • His charm point, according to himself, are his limbs.
  • His special skill is basketball, though he hasn't played it since around elementary school.
  • His hobby is examining animals and insects. He also likes to sleep, watch TV and going to the zoo.
  • His favorite food is cold noodles.
  • He has double eyelashes.
  • He's afraid of murderers.
  • His favorite song is Maji de JIN JIN.
  • The huge stuffed bear on his room was bought by himself, with his first salary from a part-time job.

References Edit

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