Former President
Kanji 元沙町
Romaji Shachō
Other names President
Biographical Information
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 4 (mentioned)
Episode 15 (flashback)
Voice Actors
Japanese Daisuke Namikawa
The Former President was the former and first president of Hollywood Tokyo, as well the creator of Shōnen Hollywood.[1]

Personality Edit

Not much is known about his personality. According to Daichi, he was strange, while Tomii said that he acted awful towards them while smiling affectionately. Tesshi hinted that he was an "eccentric man" because he would encourage the boys of the old Shounen Hollywood to try all sort of things in order to gain popularity, ranging from cat-themed swimming trunks to rollerblades and skateboards.[2]

Ran said he used to buy things that everyone could use for their birthdays, such as an ice cream machine.[3]

History Edit

Not much is known about him beside the fact that he was the former and the first president of the Hollywood Tokyo, Cat's savior and the creator of Shōnen Hollywood. He died in an unspecified accident just a few days after he saved Cat and brought him to Hollywood Tokyo. According to Cat's POV, it was revealed that he brought him to the theater to be Shounen Hollywood's guardian deity because he felt that his death was near.[4]

Less than a year after his death, Shounen Hollywood disbanded. His death caused a big impact on the boys and triggered their sudden decision to disband while they were at their peak of shine, popularity and brilliance in order to maintain the president's dream.


Tsuyoto HiiragiEdit

The president used to have a good relationship with Hiiragi, whom he called "The Sacred Tree, God". He recruited him thinking he was 17, while in reality he had 32 years-old.


  • His role in the Shounen Hollywood Musical stage play was played by Masanori Tomita.
  • In the most recent interview the creator Ikuyo Hashiguchi said that she always imagined God to be eventually the president, and for that to happen she unfortunately "had to kill" the former president (of the old Shonen Hollywood).

Gallery Edit


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