Episode 9
Episode 9
Kanji Title みっともない輝き
Romaji Title Mittomonai Kagayaki
English Title Shining Pathetically
Airdate September 1, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Hello Sekai
Ending Utaitai Uta
Previous Episode 8
Next Episode 10

Shining Pathetically (みっともない輝き Mittomonai Kagayaki) is the nineth episode of the anime series.

Summary Edit

Shonen Hollywood is taking on odd jobs to become a bit more popular and well known, but Shun doesn't feel right about this and also finds out about a music audition who apparently helps you in making you a famous artist. At the auditions he made it to the finals and was accepted. Shortly afterwards the president finds out about this, but keeps it quiet for a while.

Meanwhile, Shun is getting more and more tired of these odd jobs. At the set of one the show he meets Kou Ōsaki, one of the members of the old Shonen Hollywood. Because of him he learned that beside his dream to sing he also wants to become popular. After finding out about what he really wants, he decides to stay with Shonen Hollywood and also refused to join the music agency.