Episode 8
Episode 8
Kanji Title 永遠の花火
Romaji Title Eien no Hanabi
English Title Eternal Fireworks
Airdate August 24, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Hello Sekai
Ending Eien Never Ever Bitter Chocolate Version
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Eternal Fireworks (永遠の花火 Eien no Hanabi) is the eighth episode of the anime series.

Summary Edit

Shonen Hollywood is holding a training camp and they will train for their first live concert. They learn things about idols and work on their stamina while Tomii films everything. At the last day of the training camp, Tomii suggests they all tell their future dreams and because it's a bit too dark outside they also set off firework. Just like Shonen Hollywood from 15 years ago did, at their training camp.