Episode 4
Episode 4
Kanji Title 人は死ぬ。いつか死ぬ。でも
Romaji Title Hito wa Shinu. Itsuka Shinu. Demo
English Title People Die. They Die Sooner or Later, But...
Airdate Jul 27, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Hello Sekai
Ending Life and Death
Previous Episode 3
Next Episode 5

People Die. They Die Sooner or Later, But... (人は死ぬ。いつか死ぬ。でも Hito wa Shinu. Itsuka Shinu. Demo) is the fourth episode of the anime series. The episode is mainly focused on Kira Saeki.

Summary Edit

The president sends Kira away because the way Kira said his lines felt off. At home he thinks what could be wrong and thinks a bit about the past. Meanwhile the president meets Daichi while he is working on building a stage and they have a small talk about the past. The next day, Shonen Hollywood has to spread fliers, but Kira thinks rehearsel is more important and won't help them with spreading the fliers.

A day before the show the president chances the script a bit and almost all of Kira's lines are gone. After they heard about that they have to spread fliers again, but again Kira doesn't want to help. He stays and practices his lines where he meets Daichi. He says Kira sounds like he is copying someone. Then Kira confesses; he isn't entertaining. He's boring. Daichi says there's nothing wrong with that. Kira decides he wants to grow to like himself.

Then the day of the show arrives.

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