Episode 3
Episode 3
Kanji Title 彼らの未来
Romaji Title Karera no Mirai
English Title Their Futures
Airdate Jul 20, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Hello Sekai
Ending Unki Joushou Yellow Punch
Previous Episode 2
Next Episode 4

Their Futures (彼らの未来 Karera no Mirai) is the third episode of the anime series. The episode is mainly focused on Daiki.

Summary Edit

Daiki goes to the orphanage where he lives. There he writes a letter to Minoru Tomii (a member of the old Shonen Hollywood) and remembers about the past where he first met him. The next day, Minoru comes to Hollywood Tokyo, were Minoru and Daiki see each other and they talk about the old Shonen Hollywood members and it seems like their dreams didn't come true. Minoru encourages Daiki and hands over the baton as "Tomii, the Good Luck Charm" to Daiki, meaning he will become the new Tomii of Shonen Hollywood. Then Minoru leaves.

Daiki goes back to the dressing room with Tesshi where they found a CD. The CD is a short movie which was filmed by Minoru. It's about the old Shonen Hollywood and their days at the training camp. Almost at the end of the video the members talk about their dreams and Daiki realizes that almost nobodies dreams have come true. Teshhi explains that you can't stay a idol forever. Afterwards when Daiki arrived home he hopes that his and everybodies dreams of Shonen Hollywood will come true.

At the end you see Minoru and the President talking and it seems like the president was also a member of the old Shonen Hollywood.

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