Episode 2
Episode 2
Kanji Title 嘘が輝く時
Romaji Title Uso ga Kagayaku Toki
English Title When a Lie Shines
Airdate Jul 13, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Hello Sekai
Ending Yokan no Kutsu
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Next Episode 3
When a Lie Shines (嘘が輝く時 Uso ga Kagayaku Toki) is the second episode of the anime series. In this episode, hints are given about the previous Shounen Hollywood's work and the existence of Mike Pedro's Copernicus shoes are made known.

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The episode starts with the members of Shounen Hollywood helping Tesshi to clean out the theatre. They are ordered to move boxes onto the stage where they have to separate them to trash to toss or things to keep. While sorting them out, the boys discover merchandise of the previous ShoHari, ranging from cat-themed swimming trunks to roller blades and skateboards.

When they are done, the President talks to the boys, asking how do they feel after cleaning the stage, if they felt refreshed. He remarks that polishing the stage was like polishing one's self. He then comments on how they cannot become idols without the ability to become something and so he tells them about the play they will have at the theatre called 'AIR BOYS'.

The next day, Kakeru is at school, thinking about how he discards things that he does not, cannot or can no longer use. He wonders where lost time goes and ponders if everyone is throwing away their time now. Later, he discusses with his friends about the release of Mike Copernicus shoes and talk about buying them after school. As they wait in line to buy, Kakeru and his friends have a conversation about being scouted to be an idol. His friends say it's amazingly rare, but Kakeru denies their opinion, stating that being scouted probably happens easily to thousands of people. He then excuses himself.

On his way to Hollywood Tokyo, Kakeru is approached by the President, who bought himself a pair of Mike Copernicus shoes for himself. The President talks to Kakeru about his friends, calling them simple, ordinary, dime-in-a-dozen boys. Kakeru replies that he was being rather rude, but the President states that Kakeru thought the same deep down, which the latter denies, muttering that the former probably had no friends. He asks the President if he'd stood in line to buy those shoes, to which he answers yes. When Kakeru says that the President was just as normal, the latter merely smiles and responds that it's because he wasn't an idol. Again, Kakeru mutters that the President really had no friends.

The President and Kakeru walk together to Hollywood Tokyo. Along the way, Kakeru voices out his problem, that he's skeptical about his choice to be an idol, questioning if he'd taken the right path. The President then assures him that the right path can be surprisingly boring, and if one believes that they have taken the wrong path, they should just imagine that there lays only mistaken paths for them. Even so, Kakeru finds the path he'd taken too mistaken for his liking after seeing Makki, Kira and Mii cheerily reciting the lines of their AIR BOYS play.

Then, he enters the dressing room and finds five shoe boxes arranged on its surface, three of which were already opened. They were Mike Copernicus shoes, each one a different colour corresponding with a member of Shounen Hollywood. Kakeru and Shun opens theirs together, and are told by Tesshi that the shoes were a 'thank you' gift from the President for cleaning the theatre. To show their gratefulness, Shun and Kakeru held the shoes high up in the air, saying, "President, thank you!"

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