Episode 15
Episode 15
Kanji Title 守り神が見たもの
Romaji Title Mamorigami ga Mita Mono
English Title In the Eyes of the Guardian Deity
Airdate January 17, 2015
Theme Music
Opening Holly Trip
Ending Koko Made Oide
Previous Episode 14
Next Episode 16
In the Eyes of the Guardian Deity (守り神が見たもの Mamorigami ga Mita Mono) is the second episode of the second season of Shounen Hollywood.

Summary Edit

Cat gives a personal view of Shounen Hollywood, leading from the time he moved into the Hollywood Tokyo. As the guardian deity of the theater, he has seen it go through good times and bad. He compares the current group with the youths he once knew.

According to Cat's POV, the president brought him to the theater to be Shounen Hollywood's guardian deity because he felt that his death was near. In fact, he died in an accident just a few days after he saved Cat and brought him to Hollywood Tokyo.