Episode 13
Episode 13
Kanji Title 僕たちは、永遠に生まれなおせる
Romaji Title Bokutachi wa, Eien ni Umare Naoseru
English Title For All Eternity, We can be Reborn
Airdate September 27, 2014
Theme Music
Opening None
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For All Eternity, We can be Reborn (僕たちは、永遠に生まれなおせる Bokutachi wa, Eien ni Umare Naoseru) is the thirteenth episode of the anime series, as well the last episode of the first season.

Summary Edit

While Shounen Hollywood was practicing their opening speech for the concert Daichi came by to start with the construction of the stage.

While everybody was spending their time practicing and also talking with their family and friends, a week went by and they day of the concert came. That day was also the birthday of the president, so they also celebrated that. Afterwards they gave their first live concert.