Episode 1
Kanji Title 僕たちの自意識
Romaji Title Bokutachi no Jiishiki
English Title We're Self-Conscious
Airdate Jul 6, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Hello Sekai
Ending Hollywood Rule 1・2・5
Next Episode 2

We're Self-Conscious (僕たちの自意識 Bokutachi no Jiishiki) is the first episode of the anime series, introducing the five new members of Shōnen Hollywood.

Summary Edit

The episode starts with the protagonist Kakeru Kazami walking to the Hollywood Tokyo. He monologues about how everything that's happened in his life up til now seemed to have been decided for him (his place in life, his choices, etc.), and questions how long will this go on. Upon entering the theatre, he greets Cat, the pet owl of Shounen Hollywood. When he walks into the lounge, he sees Daiki "Mii" Tommi watching a music video of the old Shounen Hollywood, which was not the first time. Then, their manager, Kyōichi "Tesshi" Teshigawara walks in and tells them to help out with the cleaning of his office. There, Kakeru and Mii meets up with the rest of their teammates: Ikuma "Makki" Amaki, Kira Saeki and Shun Maiyama. When they finished cleaning, they began their dance lessons. They do the basics, which they have been practising for nearly three months now. Even then, the leader of the group, Makki still cannot pull it off. Shun insults Makki about it, along with his lame track suit, but Tesshi made him apologise to Makki. Then, they returned to practise.

Meanwhile, the President of ShoHari walks towards the stage where the boys are practising, passing Cat along the way. When he sees the boys practise, he comments that they were terrible at it, minus Kira, who still didn't look cute enough. At that moment, Kira attempts the win the President's favour, only to be brushed off with some praise. Here, the president gives the boys a script each, saying that those will be their self-intros when they become idols, much to Makki and Shun's dismay. Looking at his own script, Kakeru recalls how he was scouted.

He was just working at juice car like a normal high school student would, when he was suddenly asked by a customer, "Hey, would you like to be an idol?" That customer was the President. While paying for his drink, the President asked about Kakeru's age and tells him of the wonders of being seventeen years old. He questions him about his future, if he would still be working at the same place for the next five years. Kakeru states he hasn't thought that far yet, but the President replies that everything (i.e. his past, present, and future choices) are inside him, that he was his own universe. Kakeru tells him he doesn't understand. Despite that, the President hands him a business card, offering him a chance to be an idol. Kakeru was unsure, but the President said to just think of being an idol something that was done along the line of being a high school student.

When practice ends, the president gathers everybody and tells them that they will be the newly reborn Shounen Hollywood. Before he leaves, he also assigns the group a song, "Hollywood Rule 1, 2, 5".

As the episode ends, we are shown a montage of the boys' backgrounds: Makki living alone in an apartment, Shun reading a rock magazine at the train station, Kira practising a script in front of his parents, Mii doing a little performance for the children in his orphanage, and Kakeru trying his catchphrase again, only to be caught by his younger sister, Sanaka.

Trivia Edit

  • If you pay close attention to Makki when he's in his apartment, you will see a framed photo of him and his delinquent friends beside a battered baseball.
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