Daichi Hirosawa



Kanji 広澤 大地
Romaji Hirosawa Daichi
Biographical Information
Birthday February 14
Zodiac Aquarius
Age 18 (past)
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 4
Voice Actors
Japanese Sōichirō Hoshi
The vast lands of Daichi will envelop you. Daichi Hirosawa, 18 years old.

–Daichi's presentation.

Daichi Hirosawa (広澤 大地 Hirosawa Daichi) was a member of the old Shōnen Hollywood. When he was still a a member of Shonen Hollywood, he wanted to turn Hollywood Tokyo into a much bigger theater and he would be the one to build it. His Hollywood Color was green.

History Edit

Before he became an idol he used to be a construction worker. At some point, Daichi joined Shōnen Hollywood and debuted alongside his teammates. However, less than a year after the sudden death of their president, Shounen Hollywood disbanded while they were at their peak of popularity.[1] Each member followed his own path and Daichi decided to continue his work as a construction worker.

Plot Edit

In the present, he is still close to Minoru and became a stage carpenter, and is having fun making sets. He comes to Hollywood Tokyo to repair the stage and meets Kira, who was dealing with not having a voice of his own.[2] Kira confessed to Daichi that he found himself boring and unentertaining, but Daichi told him there was nothing wrong with that and helps him get over it.


  • In the Shonen Hollywood Musical stage play Daichi's role was played by Kazumi Doi.

Gallery Edit


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