Kanji キャット
Romaji Kyatto
Biographical Information
Birthday Unknown
Age 15 (season 1)
16 (season 2)
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese None
Cat (キャット Kyatto) is a horned owl that is the guardian deity of the Hollywood Tokyo. He goes to the theater together with Tesshi and also goes home with him.

Appearance Edit

His eyes are yellow and his pupils are black, while his feathers are brown. There is also a mark below his neck. During the second season, the second episode is dedicated on his thoughts and shows flashbacks when he was small and his feathers were lighter than now.

Personality Edit

Cat is very sociable and freely moves around within the theater. In the theatre are different stands where he sits. He loves Shun but he doesn't like Makki that much. Cat likes to eat bugs and his favourite food is crickets.

History Edit

Baby Cat

Baby Cat.

When he was small, he fell from his nest and got seperated from his parents. He then was rescued by the Former President of original Shounen Hollywood. According to Cat's POV, the president brought him to the theater to be Shounen Hollywood's guardian deity because he felt that his death was near.[1] In fact, he died in an accident just a few days after he saved Cat and brought him to Hollywood Tokyo.


  • The president named him "Cat" because he resembled a cat.[1]

Gallery Edit


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